Different Window Styles

When it comes time to replace your home’s windows, the options can be overwhelming! There is simply an enormous selection of window manufacturers, materials and styles to choose from! If you’ve been looking for help, take a look at our blog to learn more about different window styles, and the best rooms to install them in to maximize their efficiency and functionality!

Double-Hung Windows

When it comes to windows, the first style that comes to most homeowners minds is the double-hung. This is the most commonly installed window style, comprised of two independently moving sashes, which allows the window to open vertically from the top or bottom. This style of window is easy to operate, and widely available at a relatively low price point due to widespread manufacturing. The only issue with this window is that they can be dangerous for children who may accidentally close the window on themselves, although this risk can be mitigated by opening the window from the top rather than the bottom. They are perfect for bedrooms, studies, or other rooms where easy ventilation is needed.

Casement Windows

The casement is arguably the second most popular window design. It offers ease of operation, as it is opened and closed via a crank that allows the window to open horizontally outward. This makes it a safe and easy option for children to use, making it the perfect window for playrooms! Another common application for casements is in kitchens and bathrooms, as a crank operated window is easier to use with wet hands than trying to open a double-hung window!

Awning Windows

Similar to the casement, an awning window is also crank-operated, but rather than opening horizontally outward, it is hinged at the top and opens up-and-outwards. Its design makes it the perfect window to allow in a pleasant breeze during a rainstorm or windy day without allowing debris and moisture into your windows!

Picture Windows

Quite possibly the most simple window design, picture windows simply consist of a fixed sash that doesn’t open or operate in any way. These are most often installed in rooms as an aesthetic piece, allowing in a flood of light into a room that doesn’t need ventilation. They are most commonly installed in hallways or great rooms, or in combination with another style of window that can provide ventilation, such as a double-hung or casement window.

Slider Windows

Another window style that is easy to operate, sliders move horizontally in a track, making them quite possibly the easiest window to operate. This style lends itself well to the same situations where you may want to use a casement, such as in a kitchen or bathroom where you have wet hands and need a window that is easy to operate. Slider windows also tend to be relatively inexpensive thanks to their simple design. The one negative of slider windows is that they tend to accumulate more dirt than and grime than a typical window frame, but frequent cleaning can mitigate the grime that builds up.

Bay & Bow Windows

Finally, we have arrived at the most elegant of all window designs; bay & bow windows. These two window styles are generally the same, but while a bay window has a boxier shape, a bow window has a rounder shape, which generally just involves having one more window included in the unit! The typical construction of a bay window consists of fixed picture windows comprising the center of the piece, flanked by either double-hung or casement windows at the edges of the unit. Bay and Bow windows look fantastic, and they will boost your home’s curb appeal considerably. They also offer a wonderful place to lounge and read while enjoying all of the sunlight that the unit has to offer! Bay and Bow windows are generally installed in living rooms facing towards the street, as they provide a great deal of curb appeal!

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